This work was selected for the exhibition at the Royal Tapestry Factory in june 2022.

«Panorama» / Illustration for spanish knot carpet. 2022.

The illustration must be able to be reproduced in flat colors. Its dimensions are proportional to the size of the rug (2.5 x 2 meters)

In a different category (turkish knot) I presented another illustration that was not accepted for the exhibition.

«Rocks» / Illustration for turkish knot carpet. 2022.

Both compositions start at my sketchbooks. Sometimes are quick references from nature and others are elaborated drawings that I use straight in the final illustration.

The main themes are related to nature. Simple things that surround us.

Sketchbook COLOR B 2016 p.83

Sketchbook COLOR A 2015 p.12

© Pepe Medina